birds 001
"S Curve". Greater Flamingo
birds 002
Eagle Owl
birds 003
Pink-Backed Pelican
birds 006
Pink-Backed Pelican
birds 004
Pink-Backed Pelican chick
birds 005
Black-Crowned Night Heron
birds 007
Unknown. Cute as can be though!
birds 008
Western Ruppell’s Vulture
birds 009
Secretary Bird
birds 010
African Crowned Crane
birds 011
Yellow-Billed Stork
birds 014
Snowy Egret
birds 013
Great Egret
birds 012
Great Egret
birds 015
California Brown Pelican. Males exhibit highly colored pouches during mating season.
birds 016 birds 017 birds 018
Male "head throwing", apparently to woo prospective mates.
birds 019
Double-Crested Cormorants
birds 021
Male Brandt's Cormorant with colored pouch.
birds 020
Cormorant rookery
birds 022
Heermann's Gull
birds 023
Western Gull
birds 024
Cactus Wren building a nest amongst cholla cactus spines.